Gardenscapes App Reviews

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Love it!

Super addicted!

Love it

I cant put it down Im in love with this game its so much fun and I just cant get enough of it


Easy and fun


I love this game but for some reason its linked to my old Facebook and wont let me change any information ?


Great game!!!!! Highly entertaining


I love it I started a little while ago but is fabulous

My Favorite Game

This is the game I keep coming back to. Never gets old!


Great game love it

Im addicted

Im addicted. Thats all. I legit cant stop playing it.


Im at the top of the game and its just a bit more challenging than the first time.



Great game

Love this game!!!


Its ok, some levels very hard.

Best Game Ever!!

I love this game because there is a plot to the whole game... Unlike candy crush or most any other quirky weird match three games. I love how you can pick and choose how YOU want your garden and can make it as unique to your liking. Also most of the flowers and fountains only cost like 25 coins!! (Which is pretty unrealistic, but still!). All the characters are so cute! I love how there is a little puppy! And you get to name him! Also all their dialogue is all pretty entertaining and fun. Love this and would absolutely recommend it to everyone!!

Better than most

Up to Level 334 so far it is reasonable. I think the push to make you buy is manageable-not too intrusive. I will probably quit once the game requires I buy power ups just to advance

Love this game

Keeps you distracted when you have nothing to do. Also a good game to pass time while at work.

Update this game

This game is starting to crash way too much and it freezes a lot and for hard levels my I suggest that you guys give 100 coins since it takes so much to pass these type of levels


Let be this game! Hard at times so fun! Im addicted.

Fun game

To many adds but very fun and beautiful game and it is kinda like candy crush

it’s okay.

this game is fun. i really enjoy it. but you can’t even beat half the levels. you don’t get enough coins. you don’t even get enough moves to complete levels. how do you expect me to break multiple things, in order to get lemonade, to the bottom when they are locked fruits, and only 26 moves? you spend 900 coins for 5 more moves? seriously? you have to do so many in app purchases. it’s ridiculous.

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