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Good game just missing one feature

I like the game I am in the 700 levels. I have spent around maybe $20 on the game. The only feature I would like to see is the ability to save the unlimited life. I always get it late at night so it always goes to waste. I have stopped playing a lot because of this and have also stopped spending money because that’s when I have the ability to beat my most levels. If it ever gets added I will play again a lot more but will only play once a day for now since I never know when an unlimited life will come and not be able to use it fully.

It’s fun

Some are easy but it gets harder

Love it

Fun game. Love the little challenges.


This game is great 5 stars I would like to decide if I didnt want some events and could change them to something I wanted in the gardens I may not want shields but might like bird houses for an example


So many pointless levels. Why do I need to order a new fire alarm or serve lemonade? What do those things have to do with building a garden?

Fun but ratings and stars are off

The level ratings are off. Some normal levels are way harder than the “hard” levels. Also the number of stars needed for tasks is high. Two stars to call someone??


Absolutely love this game helps to pass the time away and super fun

Awesome Game !

My daughter and I absolutely love this game !

Game is awesome

I love this game! Just wish when you get lives for an extended time, that they give you the option to take it now or later.


Be will get addicted to this game. So much fun and challenging.

Have to buy stuff sometimes

I wish there was a game on the planet where you didn’t feel stuck for like 2 weeks and felt like you needed to buy stuff to get out of the rut. But this game otherwise is great and fun!

Only one star ⭐️

Some games I enjoy to play, some games are terrible to play! Especially the Easter games, there you must play difficult games and sometimes 15 games to get the level full. I gave up at the presents ? . Now I play the normal games and don’t care about the Easter-collection. In some levels you can get better and don’t let people sit for one or two weeks on the same game ?

Some levels can only be beaten with luck

Some levels require no skill, only luck. Play enough and you will win, but you will be frustrated and will at least consider deleting the app. In one particular case I used all three boosts and a shovel, but the game randomly moved a required piece to where it could not be moved without random chance causing an explosive to appear in exactly the right spot. It didn’t, of course. I would provide this feedback elsewhere, without leaving a one-star rating, but tat option is not provided.


I can’t get enough of it

Sometimes frustrated

I love the game, but I get frustrated that stars are harder to accumulate. Wish there was a way to earn more stars on a level. Love the game itself, but just need a better star system because I don’t have all day to play so many levels for just one star!



Frustrating and too costly

The game is designed to be so frustratingly difficult that you constantly have to make purchases to successfully complete every challenge. One game playing session could easily cost you at least $200 if you don’t have the strength of will to play the same challenge 20-30 times in a row before narrowly passing the challenge... and getting only 1 star in return (when the majority of tasks cost you 2-6 stars). Immensely frustrating. It begins to feel like punishment.

They just want your money

I’ve been playing this games for a year and loved how pretty and creative it was. But there is something that I just realize just now that ticks me off. After every round you played, meanwhile the extra bombs, which already displayed in the garden stages that you’re playing, about to explode to give you more coin. There is an option “click here to skip”, if you skip it, here you go, your coins are gone (or if won’t be the exact numbers of coins that you expected) At first I was thinking I must be tired or sth but no, it happened so many times that every stage i put down on paper that amount of coins supposed to be mine are gone meanwhile I spent money to keep playing. How can it be fair? And if you’ve played it long enough you will also figure it out that everytime you spent real money to get more lifes, you will pass that stage so fast that you cannot remember it was a hard stage that just got you worked all of 5 hearts. And I don’t know if it’s my fate or not but every time I played the lucky wheel, I only received 100 coins or 3 lifes. All the time that I feel annoyed enough to stop playing the wheels.

Almost there

I like this game. The only reason I don’t give it a 5 is because I think it should connect to Homescapes. In other words, when I play either game, I should be able to see my progress on both screens. Such as if I’m phasing Homescapes, I should be able to see my garden there.

Very happy with the game

I have been playing this game for all most 2 1/2 years and I love it wish there where more games like this out there

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