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Not bad


Amazing game!


I need to give positive feedback before I’m disappointed again. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last three levels. That’s saying a lot from me.

Love it

Very fun

Great past time

Fun to play and advance levels. Enjoy the options.

Favorite game

I rate the gave at 4.5 not a 5 because some of the levels are too difficult. I play daily an even like that silly dog


You have to play it is a must you will love it

Love it!!

So much fun!



Its Ok

Its fun at the start but then it gets hard and I may sound like a butt hurt kid but some of the levels fell like you need to buy a item



Fun game to play

Fun playing this game easy play and brilliant challenges.

I like playing this game but ..........

Level 690 as an example, is impossible. I have played and played and played and played and played .... used boosts .. played and played ... now all you have done is frustrated your players. You have also stuck a couple of pink flowers in the lower right corner that show up rarely in the rest of the entire game, and so removing them is next to impossible. A challenge is great, these “Super Hard Levels” that are rarely ever won without many boosts (and boosts are rare), are a complete bore.

Good for awhile

Good for awhile and like so many other games, gets too difficult to get very far unless you pay. Too bad...

Only game im committed too!


Fun !

I really enjoy the game ~ especially when new mini challenges are added.


fun to play

Good to pass time

Fun puzzle game. If The games gave more than 50 coins per level, and the 3 stars needed for the littlest tasks and hours to wait for some to finish werent so annoying I’d probably give it a better rating.


I love this game but for the past week mine hasn’t worked

Chinese Nee Year!

Loved the special CNY levels. Lots o fireworks!

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