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Love this game but some levels are too hard to beat without having to spend money...I’m addicted but wish it was less money


A great game


Great Game!

Love this game!!!

Great game!!!


I enjoy playing this game, the cost to play is far out of proportion to rewards for accomplishment. When you only get $50 base to complete a level, why are the tools that help you accomplish that level are $1900? I may end up deleting the game because I prefer not to spend the amount it takes to play.

Love it

Love this game ! I just wish the games gave more moves.

Too impossible

I love this game but it does lose some of its appeal when the levels are literally impossible. I know they have to try to make some money off of the game but not every level should be impossible.

This app is fantastic

I think this is better than any other app.I think this app is even better than Snapchat and that is saying a lot from me

It is interesting I can play this 24/7?✊????

Aka its lit

My favorite game

Great game, frustrating sometimes, but the developers continue to make changes to make the game better including getting rid of the moles which were a really hard obstacle. I loved the Halloween decorations that can be earned and kept. I hope they do the same for Christmas and Easter. You could make it even better by getting rid of the timed levels. I wish there were more flowers in the gardens, but still love it.

Love this game

Its challenging and requires patience as you figure out the strategy to win each level. I have played the game for close to a year now and have started over a few times due to getting new phones. You cant please everybody! You guys are doing a great job!

Great game

Its a simple, straightforward game and a nice way to pass the time. Kids love it, too.


Love it

Ripped me off!!!!!!!!!!

Bought some coins and now it just has a spinning never gave me the coins I bought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worthless rip-off con artists!!!!!!!!!!

Installed via Tapjoy

I initially downloaded this game to earn diamonds for my other game Im fascinated with, Design Home. Its a fun game with a storyline to match but the cost for additional levels doesnt balance the amount of coins and stars you earn to pay for tasks. At some foreseeable point, I see me not playing this game anymore. Update: I’m STILL addicted to this game. I wish a shuffler was added to the boosters. I also wish I could purchase stars

My favorite

Challenging but not unbeatable like some games. Plus bonus of creating a garden and having a pet, not just beating levels. Austin kind of grows on you too. Fun game haven’t found one I enjoy more.

A shocker

Didnt think I would like this game but I actually enjoy it! I seen the advertisement in another game I play also a shocker several times and just because it offered extra coins to check it out, I thought what the heck but it was several weeks later. Im glad I did! The only draw back is that to advance at some point you have to buy things and a lot of things just to move forward ?

Super fun and addicting game!

Looove this game but once you get stuck on levels its taken me days even weeks to beat the levels. Other then that I love this game. Currently level 300.


This game is crazy addictive and fun! I love it.

One drawback

I would love to give this game 5 stars, but the only thing I dislike about this game is that you don’t earn many coins/there aren’t many ways to earn coins. It’s 900 to finish a level, and I always find myself having ONE MORE MOVE before I win the level. I don’t like having to spend 900 when I need only one more move. I feel like that is a rigged way to get people to spend money on a free game. You only earn about 50-60 coins per level, and it just doesn’t add up. Please do something about this!

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